We offer several different acupuncture techniques all using the traditional practice of of inserting a sterile, single-use needle through the skin to an energy meridian to move the body's Qi, or energy. The root cause of everyday pain, illness, and discomfort is stagnant Qi. The intentional movement of Qi relieves stagnation and rebalances the energy of the body creating relief and restoring vitality.

Richard McConnell's sessions are crafted for effectiveness but are never aggressive. The treatment begins with resting peacefully and letting the needles do their work and closes with massage (tuina) and/or energy work.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system that incorporates four main techniques to move or tonify the body's Qi (energy) and Blood (body fluids). The Chinese Herbs are unique in their ability not only to move the body's Qi and Blood and but to tonify and strengthen both. Herbs provide a powerful and effective means to deal with feelings "being out of gas", fatigued, or chronically exhausted. Herbs are not intended to replace pharmaceuticals or to be used indefinitely. They are used for a distinct timeframe to strengthen the body to heal at the root of the problem, relieving the need for either the pharmaceutical or the herb.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a non-invasive way to address the illusive pains of the heart and soul and the chronic problems that other treatments leave unresolved. It is particularly effective for the deep wounds we experience in traumas, accidents, and abuse, which often result in chronic discomfort like, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

We offer soul retrievals, energy retrievals, cleansings, ancestral healing, reconnection with your helping spirits. and instruction in how to integrate these transformational experiences. Find more information on Shamanic Healing here.

Qi Gong

Qi-gong is a subtle movement meditation practice that is attempting to quiet the mind and open the heart. Qi-gong is simply thousands of different forms that move Qi in specific ways to allow us to connect with the originating spirit to infuse and align the physical body. The practice of Qi-gong movements quietly puts the physical brain to sleep so that the spirit within our heart can open. Only when the open heart leads are we able to fully manifest our dream of life.

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