There are dozens of acupuncture "techniques" that an acupuncturist can choose from to treat your specific symptom or complaint and different practitioners practice different techniques. You probably experienced a technique that wasn't effective for your issue and there may be other techniques that would be.

In our sessions, we clearly explain which technique we are going to use for your condition and explain why we think it is the best technique to try. If it does not work quickly for your condition, we will either try another technique or refer you to another acupuncturist whose techniques would be more efficacious for you.

A persons' lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, spiritual practice, sleep, etc.) will affect the answer to this question. We should see positive progression towards relieving your symptoms within three treatments. If not, I will re-evaluate my treatment protocol and either try a new technique or help you find a different practitioner whose practice offers techniques that are a better fit for your problem.

Most physical/emotional problems we have in life did not just begin all at once. The symptoms took time to grow and present themselves in full bloom and so reducing the symptoms will also take time. I utilize a "tag team" approach combining treatments at the clinic with education. Understanding why you have your symptoms enables me to offer new life techniques in areas like nutrition, exercise, spiritual practices, etc., that you can practice at home. This "tag team" approach will greatly assist the treatments in my clinic and reduce your healing and recovery time.

Yes, and I will bill your insurance company for you. I will also telephone your insurance company to investigate the exact acupuncture coverage your policy carries so there will be no hidden out of pocket costs to you. I am on many insurance panels and if I am not on your insurance panel, I will request to be a provider with your insurance company so that I may bill your company for your treatment.

Acupuncturists are secondary care practitioners in Oregon and you may not need a referral. Many insurance companies will allow acupuncturists to submit insurance claims even without an MD's referral. If your insurance company does not accept acupuncture claims without an MD's referral, I do offer a sliding scale for patients who must pay "out of pocket." The reduced rate is income scaled and different for each individual.