Not the herbs I use. I only use herbs from Evergreen Herb Company, which is a state of the art herbal company. Evergreen Herbs individually tests the herbs they purchase for heavy metals, pollutants, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, 100 types of organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds. I have the highest regard for clean nutrition and I would not prescribe an herbal product I would not consider safe to take myself.

My intention is not to keep you on herbs. I use herbal formulas to reduce and clear your symptoms, and then to tonify and heal your body. As a result is the source of the problem is healed, which keeps symptoms from returning. I use herbs because they are extremely effective without side effects, pure and simple.

The difference between an herbal formula and a pharmaceutical is that an herbal formula has therapeutic actions to first reduce symptoms and then to heal or strengthen the tissue, organ, or system. Pharmaceuticals typically have one therapeutic action, which is to mask or reduce the symptom, and no actions to address the root issue or strengthen the body to keep symptoms from returning. Herbal formulas have multi-layered therapeutic actions which address the symptoms or problems at the root so that they will not return.

There is a vast difference between an acupuncture certificate and an acupuncture license. In the United States an MD can obtain an acupuncture certificate by attending a 100-hour workshop. In contrast to this certificate level, a full license to practice acupuncture requires a minimum of three to five years study of the eastern holistic philosophy of health, which is a different philosophy than an MD's training. Licensure also requires passing a masters or doctoral level nationally accredited university program and state and national board exams.